We grow business by streamlining operations through a tailored process designed exclusively for your business


Large retailers can overwhelm the most seasoned professionals. Taking advantage of our network provides a national sales force with over 40 representatives over night. We hire, train, and motivate the best individuals for your product while integrating current sales representative you may have under contract within our management umbrella.


We've turned products into national brands. Let us do the same for you.  


1. Jupiter Sales works with your team to understand your success criteria and audit your current state. We then craft an integrated sales and marketing program to:

  • Identify the Right Buyers
  • Tell a Powerful Sales Story
  • Generate Demand
  • Run a Predictable Sales Process

2. Our sales executives, content marketing and sales automation experts build your customized sales and marketing engine faster at a lower cost which include:

  • Brand Messaging
  • Digital Social Content 
  • Sales Automation Setup
  • Sales Script & Training

3. We deploy a dedicated team of trained sales, distribution, digital marketing and financial forecasting professionals to educate, facilitate placement and drive consumer demand while monitoring product ROI.

  • National Sales Managers
  • Retail Development
  • Monthly Promotional Programs
  • Spend, Cost of Sales %, ROI Management

Areas of Specialization

Experienced within Food, Drug, Mass, Club, Dollar, Beauty and Speciality channels, we make retail placement a problem of the past while ensuring adequate inventory and sell-through goals are met.   


For additional information, please contact a trusted Jupiter Sales and Marketing representative.

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